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We have a chipmunk that lives in our yard.

…or should I say “had”?

For the last year Seeley has been “playing” with this poor chipmunk, who, i’m pretty sure, has no interest in playing with Seeley. Every time Seeley heads outside, he makes a bee-line for the downspout on the gutter, checks both ends to make sure it isn’t there, takes a perimeter walk around the yard, looking in each hole and opening, before finally coming back to the downspout for one last check.

Yesterday, I found the chipmunk… dead.

It wasn’t mangled or half eaten, in fact it looked like it was sleeping. I even jiggled it to see if it would wake up.

It didn’t.

Seeley came over to me while I was inspecting it and nudged it with his nose, then gave me the most heart-wrenching look of sorrow and confusion that I wanted to cry.

You killed it buddy… it’s dead… you can’t play with it like that.

I know in my heart that he wasn’t trying to kill it, all he wanted to do was play. He played too rough, he doesn’t understand…

“Why do you got to get killed? …I didn’t bounce you hard.” 

“You wasn’t big enough. They tol’ me and tol’ me you wasn’t. I di’n’t know you’d get killed so easy.”

It was my Of Mice & Men moment with my dog.

He still looks for it…

… every time.

Maybe we should have named him Lennie…


Well it happened. I got done with the challenge, completed a couple additional post, then promptly forgot about it.

Okay I didn’t forget about it… I just couldn’t get around to it. I kept saying, I’ll do one tomorrow…

…tomorrow never came.

Guess what?! Today is tomorrow!

So that makes tomorrow the day after and yesterday is actually two days ago which means today doesn’t exist.

I think.

Anywho… on we go. (Hey if Allie Brosh can come back after a year and a half absence and have 5000+ comments on her post, then I should at least get a “like” or two. Right guys?…. guys?…. hello?…anyone there?….*sigh*)

A lot has been going on lately, but none of it was really that amusing. And then this happened…

If you’ve been following the weather lately you’ve probably notice that the Midwest has had it’s fair share of storms. Actually, we’ve had more that our fair share… in fact I’m getting a little tired of rain. Don’t get me wrong, I love rain, especially thunderstorms. Like Eddie Rabbitt said, I love a rainy night. But the shear amount of rain has been ridiculous.

Yesterday (which is really 2 days ago because today doesn’t exist…remember?) my wife called me at work. She said there was a tree in our yard. I agreed, yes, we do have a tree in our yard, and a number of trees adjacent to our yard… what’s your point? She clarified. It was not a tree that belonged to us. in fact it was just part of a tree, our neighbor’s tree, and it was hanging off the power-line running from the house to the garage.


Large branch hanging from the power-line.

It’s kind of hard to see the power-line…


There it is!


There’s where it broke off.

So the question now was, how do I get it off the line? The power company wouldn’t do anything because it wasn’t “their” line. I was planning on taking care of it when I got home, however… it was taken care of for me before I could get home. Unfortunately, the power-line was pulled down with the branch, which left a live line just laying in the yard. I know his intentions were good, but if his fear was the line coming down and electrocuting someone if he didn’t get the branch off the line… he failed.

I know what you’re asking… why wasn’t the breaker flipped before he pulled on the branch?

Good question.

I don’t know why he didn’t wait.

My wife would have turned it off, but the genius that put in our electrical box didn’t do a real great job at labeling it.


The actual labels are much more vague than this. They say stuff like “liv/den” or “Kitch”. Over the last year I’ve deciphered most of  the codes. None of them, however, are labeled “garage”. I still have no idea which one it is. The only way we could know if we turned the power off to the garage, was to have someone stand in there and tell us when the lights went out while we arbitrarily flipped breaker switches in the basement.

“How about now?…No?…now?….now?…still nothing?…. f#@k it, just flip the main off!”

So the branch is down… so’s the power-line, but whatever.



Stuck by lightning perhaps?

Here’s a photo of the branch with Seeley, for size comparison….


Seeley vs. Branch

He’s not so sure about this giant “stick” in the yard. It’s getting in his way when he wants to run around and bark at nothing. It’s also preventing us from playing with his Frisbee.


It needs to go…but…it…just…won’t….move….


Fine! I’ll dismantle it piece by piece… nom, nom, nom….

So that’s what happened. Now I need to find someone with a chainsaw to help cut  this thing up.

But hey!

Free firewood!

Why? Short answer, Seeley.


I wanted a way to introduce him to our friends and family without dragging him all around town. Although he does love his car rides.

Long answer… I found myself reading more and more blogs and thinking, I could do this. I’ve written speeches and short stories, poems and reports, funny little notes on my Facebook page, how hard can it be?

Harder than I thought.

It’s easy to write, but much harder to come up with a topic to write about. Finding the motivation and the time to actually sit down and write, not so easy either. Everything I’ve read about blogging, says to post often, everyday if you can. They don’t have to be anything special, but the more you post, the more others will come back to your blog. It’s a social thing. Bloggers read other blogs.

It’s like Facebook…

or MySpace…

or Google+…

it’s BloggleFaceSpace+ ™ 

When? Back in February of last year, I stumbled across a blog that started it all. I was reading The Oatmeal and he made reference to a blog. The name struck me as funny so I checked it out. It was Parenting. Illustrated with Crappy Pictures by Amber Dusick. She’s awesome, and she has a book coming out, which I would love to have. (hint hint…. ahem anniversary coming up cough cough Tina)

On her blog she mentions another, which took me to Hyperbole and A Half, by Allie Brosh. She’s awesome too, but in a more manic and disturbing way. Unfortunately she hasn’t posted in quite a while. After doing some searching, I found she was dealing with some major depression issues. I wish her well and hope she comes back, because I love her posts.

While trying to find what happened to Allie, I was Google stalking her, I came across Random Ninja – Writer of Wrongs by Erika Hancock. Another very funny blogger, who happens to live in the same city as I do. How cool is that? It’s like six degrees of separation or something.

That was when I decided to try my hand at this blogging thing. The original concept was to have a place where my wife and I could write about whatever we wanted. Tina has yet to contribute. Which is really too bad, because she’s a much better writer than I am. Here’s a sample of her writing:

“In literature we often find… blah blah blah… some more crap here….. blah blah….. some other literary shit…. blah blah blah…”

No really! She actually wrote that in a draft for an English paper. She fixed it before she submitted it and it was very eloquent. She got an A on it.

And now here we are. Still 2 days behind on the 31 Day Blog Challenge, and no help from the wife. Blah Blah blah….


Every morning I get up at 6:00 am and take the dog for a walk.

Wake the girls up at 6:45.

Take my shower.

Dressed and out the house by 8:15

Work at 9:00

Lunch at 12:30

Leave work at 5:30

Help my wife make supper. Sit down with the girls and eat 6:30

Spend the next couple hours with the family, watching a little TV or reading, sometimes playing a game

To bed around 10:00, read a little or watch some tv with my wife.

Asleep by 11:30

Did you believe that? If you did, you don’t know me. The only thing on that list the is true, was the time I wake the girls up. It’s what I’d like my routine to be, but as everyone knows, what we’d like and what we get, aren’t always the same. While my routine is anything but, I’ll try to give you a glimpse into my day.

Woken by the dog who needs to go out at 6:35 am (alarm is set for 6:45. He’s a dick) Wait for him to sniff the entire yard, think about peeing, sniff some more, bark at a shadow, try come back in, sniff the tree, pee on said tree and slowly walk back to the house.

Back upstairs to wake up girls at 6:50 (already 5 minutes late)

Crawl back into bed.

Wake girls up again at 7:10. Listen to them bicker about whos turn it is to take a shower first.

Crawl back into bed.

Back up at 8:00, into shower and dressed. Listen to girls bicker about who’s causing who to be late for school.

Say good by to girls at 8:35 and let the dog out again.

Sometime between 8:40 & 9:00 the dog finally comes back in and I leave for work.

My work day is pretty standard. I usually take lunch around 2:00 pm, though some days I get busy or a client comes in and I don’t realize until 4:00 that I missed lunch.

My day ends sometime between 6:00 and 7:00. But I have been know to stay until 9:00 or 10:00 if we’re really busy.

Home for a late supper, sometimes with the whole family, often with just my wife, the girls will usually eat before us on those days.

Say good night to the girls 9:30-10:00. Listen to them bicker about something, I don’t really pay attention to what they argue about anymore.

In bed by 11:00ish unless I have something to work on. Some nights I have to work on music for my praise band. Or the kitchen needs to be cleaned. Or it’s garbage night. Or my wife would really appreciate it if I get her lunch together cause she has to be to work early and I do it tonight then she won’t have to get up earlier. Granted, she already gets up earlier than me, so I don’t mind. She doesn’t need to know that. 😉

Asleep by 1:00 am, if I’m lucky.

Woken by the dog  at 2:00 am to go out. (yeah, he really can be an asshole sometimes)

Crawl back into bed

Woken by dog (again?!) at 4:30.

Crawl back into bed.

So there you go, my standard day.


Okay, I’m still behind. I thought I’d be able to catch up this weekend, I mean, I wrote three post in one day last week. Somehow I only managed to get one written. How quickly ones resolve crumbles in the face of a warm cozy bed on a rainy cold day.

Even the dog didn’t want to get out of the bed. He just curled up between my wife and I with his head stuck through my, now ruined, venetian blinds and look out the window. His nose pressed against the glass, leaving trails of doggy snot whenever he turned his head to look uninteresetedly in the opposite direction. He also sighed a lot. Have you ever heard a dog sigh? It’s a depressing sound.

So first item on my bucket list: Catch-up and finish the 31 Day Blog Challenge!

I must motivate myself.

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….

just keep swimming, just keep swimming….

Do or do not, there is not try….

Peter Marshall once said “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.” So I suppose small posts done are better than great posts planned.

Here’s the rest of my current bucket list.

  • Perform in Miss Saigon
  • Visit Italy
  • Go to Cedar Point
  • Go whale/dolphin watching
  • Take a cruise
  • drive across the states
  • travel down one side of the Mississippi river and up the other side taking photos the whole way (my coffee table book idea)
  • Have my art in a real gallery, not just a college art show
  • record a CD of original songs
  • sell said CD and go on tour to promote it
  • make money doing something that I really love (like enough money, that I don’t have to worry about which bill will be paid late this month)
  • not screw up my kids too badly (they’ll need something to talk to their therapist about)
  • Go to China or Japan
  • take a vacation to the Bahamas

I’m sure I’ll think of more to add, but it’s already a pretty long list. I’d better get started!