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We have a chipmunk that lives in our yard.

…or should I say “had”?

For the last year Seeley has been “playing” with this poor chipmunk, who, i’m pretty sure, has no interest in playing with Seeley. Every time Seeley heads outside, he makes a bee-line for the downspout on the gutter, checks both ends to make sure it isn’t there, takes a perimeter walk around the yard, looking in each hole and opening, before finally coming back to the downspout for one last check.

Yesterday, I found the chipmunk… dead.

It wasn’t mangled or half eaten, in fact it looked like it was sleeping. I even jiggled it to see if it would wake up.

It didn’t.

Seeley came over to me while I was inspecting it and nudged it with his nose, then gave me the most heart-wrenching look of sorrow and confusion that I wanted to cry.

You killed it buddy… it’s dead… you can’t play with it like that.

I know in my heart that he wasn’t trying to kill it, all he wanted to do was play. He played too rough, he doesn’t understand…

“Why do you got to get killed? …I didn’t bounce you hard.” 

“You wasn’t big enough. They tol’ me and tol’ me you wasn’t. I di’n’t know you’d get killed so easy.”

It was my Of Mice & Men moment with my dog.

He still looks for it…

… every time.

Maybe we should have named him Lennie…