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My favorite time of the year. I have many “favorite” times of year.

Winter: I love Christmas songs. I love Christmas decorations. I love the soft covering of snow on the ground, the silence of a morning after a snowstorm. Before the scrape of shovels and the growl of snow blowers fill the air. But I hate shoveling and driving in it… and it’s too cold.

Summer: Love the Long days and warm nights. That’s about it. Hear in the mid-west summer has got to be one of the most miserable times of the year. It’s hot and humid and just gross. If the humidity is 100%, doesn’t that mean it’s water? I immediately start sweating when just thinking about going outside. Thank God for air conditioning.

Spring: The rain, love it. Especially thunderstorms. The smell of spring, that fresh, growing scent. Hearing the birds singing in the morning, except for that one asshole bird that sits in the tree right outside my bedroom window and starts singing at 5 am!

Fall: I love the colors of the leaves. The smell and the crunch of them underfoot. Fall also has my favorite holiday, Halloween. We love Halloween here. Maybe it’s because I was born on Halloween. As a kid I thought it was awesome, every house I went to on my birthday would give me candy. It’s not just the candy anymore, it’s the costumes, scaring the kids, and the decorations. The girls and I go all out, we love it!

_IGP3978 Tim Halloween 2009 Halloween 2010 halloween 2011

Even Seeley gets in on it…




This topic is kind of like Day 24, most embarrassing moment. If you know me, I really don’t have any guilty pleasures. I’ve been wracking my brain trying to come up with something that might fit this category.

Here’s a list of (somewhat) guilty pleasures:

  • Surprise soldier homecoming YouTube videos. You know those ones where they surprise their kids or family by showing up unexpectedly. I can blubber my way through those for hours, going from one video to the next.
  • Twix (the caramel ones) dipped in peanut butter. The best of both worlds… so yummy, it’s like crack without the paranoia.
  • Lynn Kurland.  Specifically her Novels of the Nine Kingdoms. What’s so guilty about that? She’s a romance novelist. But the Novels of the Nine Kingdoms series are Fantasy.There’s magic and swords and battles and budding romances and heartbreak and …. errr…. fights and beer and horses and other manly stuff. GRRRRRRR *Puffs out chest and pounds it*
  • Project Runway. I know, I know, but I’m sorry, Tim Gunn & Heidi Klum are awesome. (I watch it with my wife, does that make it any better?)
  • Ryan Reynolds. I have the biggest man crush on him. He’s good-looking and funny. I’m not gay, but for Ryan… I might be.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer (TV). I don’t know how much of a “guilty pleasure” this is but I do love watching me some Buffy… mostly for Alyson Hannigan.

So there you go. I don’t feel particularly guilty about any of these, but it’s as close as we’ll get. What about you? Any guilty pleasures? Any we have in common?


This one is easy. There is only one person I’m friends with on Facebook, that I have never met.

I checked. Twice.


She’s a friend of my wife’s, who has not met her either. They met in a chat room and realized how much they have in common.

That’s really it.

I feel like I’m getting to know all kinds of people through the blog community, but I really can’t consider them friends *yet*.

Maybe this makes me weird. I have friends that are Facebook whores that send friend requests to the friend of a friend of their cousin, but I don’t. I won’t. Chances are if I haven’t met you, I’ll have nothing to talk to you about. And I don’t really don’t care that you’re going to Mexico for the 3rd time. Although I seem to be finding a lot of interesting people in the blogospere.

I use Facebook as a way of keeping in touch with friends and family that I don’t see often. I’m bad at writing letters and phone calls, sorry Dad. I’ll call you this weekend, promise.

I would love to have some new friends, so feel free to friend request me or comment on a post or send me the link to your blog. I’ll write back or call you…

… no really, I will!



I love chocolate.

Chocolate cake is even better. I’d do almost anything for cake.

And don’t get me started on pie. mmmmmmmmmmm……pie…….

I also like pizza, lasagna, ravioli, pancakes, omelets, cheese, pepperoni, peanut butter, french toast, cinnamon rolls, etc…

…and BACON!

Crispy crunchy bacon….

Check these out! From the blog 365 Days of Bacon, bacon chocolate peanut butter eggs.



“….calm down sir. Can you describe your location?”

“…. uhhhh, y-y-y-yes….I-I-I’m in a room, there’s a bed. It’s kinda dark, only a single light. I see some windows, but it’s dark out. I hear yelling. He sounds British  and angry. There’s lots of swearing. There seem to be some other people too. They keep saying yes chef….”

This is a strange prompt.

I’m sitting in my bedroom, on my bed. My wife is next to me watching Hell’s Kitchen. The dog is on the end of the bed trying to destroy a ball. We’re in our 100+ year old house in Davenport Iowa. It’s crappy and cold out.

Davenport is located right on the Mississippi River, the only place the river flows East to West, instead of North to South. Makes giving directions very confusing…

Iowa, where it can go from winter to spring to winter to summer in 3 days.